The devilbox is a modern and highly customizable alternative for XAMPP. It is based on docker-compose with presets for all kinds of versions for webservers, database servers and php.
Configuration is not necessary, as everything is pre-setup with mass virtual hosting.


Mysqldump-secure is a POSIX compliant shell backup script for MySQL databases with strong security in mind. It will backup every available database (which is readable by the specified user) as a separate file with the possibility to opt out via blacklisting. Dumped databases can optionally be piped directly to gzip or openssl in order to compress and/or encrypt the backup. Encryption is done before the file is written to disk to avoid possible race conditions.


ffscreencast is a shell wrapper for ffmpeg that allows fool-proof screen recording via the command line. It will auto-detect all available monitors, cameras and microphones and is able to interactively or manually choose the desired recording device(s). Additionally ffscreencast will let you overlay the camera stream on top of the desktop session.

Besides that ffscreencast can act as an ffmpeg command generator. Every available option can also just show the corresponding ffmpeg command instead of executing it. Non-ffmpeg commands, such as how the camera resolution is pulled and others can also be shown instead of being executed.

Letsencrypt certwatch

Certwatch cron implementation specific for letsencrypt certificates. This will also work if Apache is not installed.

Redmine like a boss

Easy Redmine plugin/theme install, uninstall and update management via git submodules and symlinks.

Use to list available plugins and themes and enable/disable as desired. You don’t need to worry about database up/down migrations or additional install builds as it is handled automatically (See plugin.ini for plugin configuration.

Thunar custom actions

Various custom actions for thunar or nautilus


Check_drupal is a nagios drupal plugin to monitor the state of a drupal site for security updates, system updates, core errors, core warnings and missing database migrations.


Check_php is a POSIX compliant nagios plugin that will check for PHP startup errors (-s), missing PHP modules (-m), misconfigured directives in php.ini (-c) and for available PHP updates (-u). This plugin supports performance data (error and warning counts over time) and long output (exact detail about all problems).


git-rewrite-author is a shell tool to manipulate the author and committer git history. You can use this tool to replace a specific git author/committer email with a different one.